Digital transformation tsunami

The digital transformation is now focusing on construction procurement. It has happened in Banking, Business to Consumer markets and the change is rapid. Large established businesses that did not embrace this change have been laid waste. Three elements are fundamental to the process of procurement in the following order: Discovery Price Availability Discovery A product

BIM: O&M generated from Asset Data

Introduction Would the design and construction process benefit from generating the Building Owners manual / Operations and Maintenance Manuals using the building asset data? If this is possible then would it also work for the Building Log book, Health and Safety file? Please don’t think this is a magic bullet the axiom “rubbish in rubbish

The 3 Laws of AIM

Inspired by Issac Azimovs 3 laws of robotics I have engineered my own 3 guiding laws to ensure Asset Information Models (AIM) are assembled coherently for this age “the internet of BIM” where data is at the centre. AIM is orientated around the built environment and an AIM may contain all the data for physical

The Architecture of a Template

Nearly everyone involved in the construction industry are using templates in some form or other be they a creator or consumer of digital information. In BIM, the common understanding for the use of templates is in the context of components from generic design elements holding specification performance requirements to products with actual performance data. Templates