Why is SPie relevant to Product Manufacturers

Why is SPie (Specifiers Properties Information Exchange) relevant to Product Manufacturers: The prime driver for manufacturers is to sell products. Many manufacturers marketing under the banner of BIM are providing geometry model versions of their products with all the data attached. Manufacturers are being encouraged to do this in the expectation that specifiers will use

My Top 10 COBie myths

1: Cobie can be produced from a single 3D Building Geometry model No it can’t because there isn’t a Geometry BIM system that can input and store all the data so how can it possibly export it! 2: You can only produce Cobie from BIM Geometry systems. No you can build Cobie data from schedules

My first wearable tech

I have always worn a wrist watch and I’ve always liked drawing even through my working life has been dominated by things digital. When my Timex explorer watch compass needle got stuck on the 10 minute notch, everything became 10 past, it was “Time” for a new something. I was at a meeting some weeks