digital Tim

So this is my blog where I might post some stories about projects I’ve been involved with, either working with people or sorting out solutions. I’m not a writer, but have been known to as an orator; that’s someone who likes the sound of their own voice. I like to think that I’m a very practical person but others may disagree.

Much of my work involves working with data, computer programming, the physical environment (Internet of Things IoT), looking forward to what is possible and what is worth doing.


  • I am a high-resolution thinker and problem solver.
  • An Architect who Designs both software and processes to achieve solutions on multiple platforms.
  • Continually learner in computer data science and building information modelling.
  • I use the experience and expertise of those around me.
  • I like to share knowledge with people to help effect transitional change for better outcomes.
  • Passionate believer in maximising effort by automation processes and structured data.
  • Practice what I preach by testing and experimenting on my own built assets.

Building modelling

I transitioned from 2D drafting to 2d/3d Cad to building modelling in the 1980’s as an Architect in practice for both small, medium and large firms. I became a power user of Sonata and parametric programmer. I put my skills to good use working in Hong Kong and the far east teaching and training people to use building modelling software.

Project Extranet

In the mid 1990’s I developed the first web-based project extranet, the Information Channel, which became the flag ship product for the BIW.

Facility Management

2001 > From PIM to AIM developed web-based Graphical Asset, Floor and Space Utilisation application for public and commercial properties/estates. Estate planning application using the resource model (space capability) and matching a demand model (activities).

Asset Lifecycle

2010> I developed a range of web and desktop applications to view, create curate and test, asset data models (IFC / COBie).

Data expertise

I have developed expertise in not only creating data but using to automate many manually intensive processes, always looking at benefits to all those involved. My applications include applications like requirements defining that generate documents and build digital checking rules, web robots that mine and curate product data, endless document generation from the data to produce deliverable and interactive info graphics from data that help inform decisions.

Programming and Software expertise

C#, JavaScript, Python, Visual Basic

SQL Service, dB Couch, Index DB

MVC, Xamarin, Cordova, WPF, Windows Forms

AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Navisworks, Postman, Solibri, Azure

Visual Studio, MS-Office, Adobe Creative Suite, MS SharePoint, MS Project

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