BIM: O&M generated from Asset Data

Introduction Would the design and construction process benefit from generating the Building Owners manual / Operations and Maintenance Manuals using the building asset data? If this is possible then would it also work for the Building Log book, Health and Safety file? Please don’t think this is a magic bullet the axiom “rubbish in rubbish

Our journey with model data update

A question was asked on Linked in about experience of creating COBie data and software used. Rather than post a reply, solely in Linked-In, I thought it would be good to make our experience public.   Here is a sketch of our experience and developments linking models with external data. We developed a briefing application

Spaced out (a BIM app)

Thematic plans are a remarkably productive way of visualising data about rooms in a building. Producing those thematic plans requires drawings with spaces clearly defined so that the enclosed area can be easily coloured / hatched usually in a CAD system. The process for many projects has surveyors going out to each building recording a