My Top 10 COBie myths

1: Cobie can be produced from a single 3D Building Geometry model No it can’t because there isn’t a Geometry BIM system that can input and store all the data so how can it possibly export it! 2: You can only produce Cobie from BIM Geometry systems. No you can build Cobie data from schedules

My first wearable tech

I have always worn a wrist watch and I’ve always liked drawing even through my working life has been dominated by things digital. When my Timex explorer watch compass needle got stuck on the 10 minute notch, everything became 10 past, it was “Time” for a new something. I was at a meeting some weeks

COBie: The data debate steps up

The BIM show live 2015 in Manchester, UK during a question and answer session with James Pellatt from Great Portland Estate clapped at an answer to a question about the use of COBie on the Residential Project in the presentation. James Pellatt (Head of Projects at GPE) said “COBie was irrelevant”. With James Pellatt on

Our journey with model data update

A question was asked on Linked in about experience of creating COBie data and software used. Rather than post a reply, solely in Linked-In, I thought it would be good to make our experience public.   Here is a sketch of our experience and developments linking models with external data. We developed a briefing application

Spaced out (a BIM app)

Thematic plans are a remarkably productive way of visualising data about rooms in a building. Producing those thematic plans requires drawings with spaces clearly defined so that the enclosed area can be easily coloured / hatched usually in a CAD system. The process for many projects has surveyors going out to each building recording a