Product Library Network Application update

It’s getting closer but here is a link to our working version of the Product Library application.

In order to give folks an insight to how it is progressing I have made a handful of suppliers and products publicly viewable.

There is a more in depth explanation of the application and how it is intended to work in the about section.

There are inevitable dead ends

I am using the application in anger on a project to deliver the product information in a COBie format. This application exports COBie and I am importing into a Project Asset Information application formally known as the COBie visualizer. The name change reflects the change in narrative to place COBie as an exchange format and not an application or document. In the same way as DXF and IFC are exchange formats.

In a world of millions of suppliers and hundreds of millions of products it is very clear that suppliers have to be the content creators and managers so we mere mortals don’t end up keying in data.

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