Bramcote College Development Plans

I’ve had a look at the school proposals for utilising it’s assets to consolidate the school premises. I am really pleased that they are proposing this because our community needs good schools and in todays climate that means well equiped modern facilities. Do you remember when the school was losing students from the area to better schools resulting in having to recruit and bus in students from other areas to get bums on seats at any cost in a curel bid to attract and keep its funding. We had cars peeping residents as they drove down the bridle path to use the Bramcote Moor pitches, Toton Tigers making Bramcote college their home and Trent Barton refusing to run services because of poor student behaviour, and the litter blowing off the school grounds was unbelievable. Since those days the school has strived to improve its relationship with the local community and in the process improved it performance. A good school serving the local community in an area adds a premium to properties even when the choice is wider, parents and students prefer local. I will confess my daughter does not go to the local school and one of the reasons was the state of the facilities amongst others so l speak as an example of how parents think.

Having lived in Bramcote since 1999 l have seen how we are missing out on great sports facilities with a make do attitude. The potential for the school consolidation and leisure centre to be relocated to the old biffa site would open up access from Coventry lane easing that congestion on Moor Lane.  Modern schools which are well equipped are able to hire out facilities to local clubs. You may not be aware that the local football club cannot do all its winter training in bramcote and the Bramcote  netball club is based out of Bilborough that is the current reality. There are clubs waiting to be born but hampered by a lack of local facilities and parents then having to travel  outside the area, increaing their carbon foot print, to in an ever growing demand to keep fit by playing sports.

As an Architect the prospect of a housing development on the Moor Lane site is very exciting. Designers relish sites with mature trees, and combined with pressures to provide sustainable housing with low to zero carbon levels means that it is more likely the homes provided would be high quality rather than the usual developer twee poor design of past, built to capital price rather than whole life. Housing set in such a rich wooded environment should be exceptional and as a community we should demand quality over quantity.

This could be an exciting time of positive evolution in Bramcote Short term inconvenience is a small price to pay for prosperity in the years to come.  

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